Saturday, 14 March 2015

Drawing Finn Bálor

There is a professional wrestler named Finn Bálor, and his body paint is badass. So I thought I would take up the challenge of trying to draw him, but I'm going to draw this picture much differently. Previously in my other drawings I didn't take too much time drawing them because they were simple images, basic lines and a few colours. But this drawing will be a lot different.

This project isn't a day or even a week job, this will take me quite a few months to finish so I will try and keep this blog post updated.

I first started where I always start when drawing, the eyes. This process part of the drawing made me realise how long this piece was going to take. It took me about an hour to do this tiny part of the picture.

The next thing to do was make progress to his other eye. I started making a lot of progress in shaping the face with visual guidelines for his nose the side of his head. This once again took a few hours to draw.

Next it was time to put in more time colouring in more of his face. I decided that I wanted to do the top half his head before I went onto doing beard. Starting to take shape.

Next I finished his cheek because I wanted to finish that part before I started to finish his forehead.

I then started working on the forehead and then tweeted the progress to @wwebalor and he favorited this and this one. 

Next was to finish the top part of his forehead and work on the orange face paint on the side of his head.

To be continued...