Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My first blog post... hopefully

Daniel Evans - Website Development, Animation, Graphics, Filming and video editing image.

How do I start my first blog post... hello?

I never thought I would see myself making a 'blog' because I wouldn't really call myself a writer due to the fact I have dyslexia (hence my numerous spelling and grammar mistakes soon to come). When I think of a blog, I think of a 15 year old girl writing about her day like a diary or something. But I guess I should pull my finger out and make a blog whilst my website is being created.

I guess I should really start off with the normal jazz: who I am, what I do etc... 

Well my name is Daniel Evans and as my blog title says, I make media... like lots of people do. I went to a Welsh high school in North Wales and left with no GCSE qualifications. For the past six years I have worked my way through college and began well, making media.

I finished college with a Distinction and 380 UCAS points, in total the equivalent of A levels.

I am now in university studying Website Development (Information and Communications) in Manchester.

Outside of university my hobby is my career in way. I create graphics and I better my skills in coding with HTML and CSS. Like most 'teenagers' and young people, I love to play games. Other than just playing games I like to help developers by creating community content such as a podcast or even art. I am always looking forward to helping independent game developers and hopefully to some day work in the gaming industry, in some way shape or form.

Well that's it for now, it's 3AM and it's probably time to try and get to sleep. I will try and post once a week or more. Thanks!

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