Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Blog 5 - Time-lapse/WebM Evaluation

The aim of my first self-initiated project was simple, to learn how to create a time-lapse and export it as a WebM for my portfolio to broaden my knowledge. I believe I achieved this aim because after much research and trial and error, I believe I have a better understanding of the subject. Before this project I didn’t know that to achieve a time-lapse with a DSLR camera, you needed a remote. Not only did this remote help me complete the project’s demonstrator, but it also gave me the ability to record time-lapses for other projects outside of university.

The objectives for this project were followed very thoroughly, without research on time-lapses and equipment, I wouldn’t have known about the remote needed. Other than the remote, all of the equipment needed for this demonstrator had already been acquired. In the past I have had bad experiences borrowing equipment from the university due to the time allowed to book a DSLR camera. With my own equipment, I was able to be more flexible and experiment with what I wanted to record (sunrises and sunsets).

Researching how to export the raw video into a WebM was somewhat of a challenge. There are many different methods of exporting video into this file format. I achieved this objective by finding the right program for me that solved the file-size problem. Without this research, this part of the project would have been delayed. I went far beyond what I originally had planned for this part of the project, initially I was only going to find one website/program and export my video as a WebM. Because I spent more time with research, I avoided problems I would have encountered if I wouldn’t have done more research on this area.

The final objective for this project was achieved, but I found this to be the most difficult. Because I hadn’t done the amount of research I needed to and underestimated this part of the project, it delayed my performance of adding the WebM I had created to the portfolio website. The objective was achieved but I believe I could have done a better job given extra time to test and do more research in this area. I wouldn’t consider my coding skills to be great so it is an area I really need to improve on in the future.

My demonstrator for this project demonstrates my ability to use my skills and combine them to make an impressive product that showcases my ability. The demonstrator first and foremost shows my ability to not just learn one skill such as the time-lapse, but to take it much further. My plan for this project was to just do a time-lapse, but after doing research on WebM’s, I really wanted to test myself and combine them both. Overall I believe the demonstrator for my time-lapse WebM really shows how innovative and eagerness to learn something new I can really be.

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